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BHS 2017 index: What you might have missed in 2017


January 1, 2018

Emergency management
ASHE study offers guidelines for emergency power resiliency. June, p. 6.
Boston Marathon bombing response offers insight into HIPAA needs. Aug., p. 13.
Emergency management: Are you prepared for the new CMS rule? April, p. 11.
Emergency preparedness planning: Biological and chemical response. Feb./March, p. 1.
Even localized crime can pose an emergency threat to healthcare centers. Sept., p. 1.
Lessons learned after Boston Marathon bombing. Aug., p. 15.

Facility management/safety
Ensure proper equipment for vaccine refrigeration, power sources. Oct., p. 11.
Hospitals consider better patient handling equipment. July, p. 7.
Surveilling injuries: Why OHSN wants you to share your injury data. Aug., p. 5.
Prevent elopement in healthcare facilities. Jan., p. 7.
Safety by design: Baby boomers. July, p. 5.
Succession planning: A long-term safety essential for facility managers. Dec., p. 6.

Healthcare hazards
Conducting an accurate assessment and inventory of hazardous chemicals. Feb./March, p. 12.
Exercise care in choosing blanket warmer cabinets. Sept., p. 6.
Exploding Samsung phones may be banned from a hospital near you. May, p. 16.
Fire doors keep flames contained but smoke still problem in Texas hospital fire. Sept., p. 9.
Hazardous drug handling is focus of coming changes to USP <800>. Nov., p. 1.
How a rolling stool cost a hospital $7 million. May, p. 5.
How to handle hazardous drugs properly. Nov., p. 4.
Joint Commission outlines new suicide risk expectations in aftermath of controversy. Dec., p. 14.
NIOSH: How safe is peracetic acid for healthcare workers? Oct., p. 1.
Parkland Hospital unveils new HazMat Unit. May, p. 10.
Physical features can help prevent suicide, patient self-harm. Oct., p. 8.
Planning for a pandemic. April, p. 18.
Preparing for the next pandemic: Key issues facing the next administration. April, p. 14.
Proper device cleaning requires manufacturer guidance, internal process. Aug., p. 11.
Residual smoke and humidity complicate cleanup after fire in aging building. Sept., p. 10.
Use this record to log temperature to ensure warming cabinets are being used correctly. Sept. p. 8.
Use this sample when reviewing your facility's blanket warmer policy. Sept., p. 7.
When a suspicious package prompts an ED lockdown. Aug., p. 1.
Which states are the most prepared for a pandemic? April, p. 17.

Hospital violence

Hospitals take a stand against violence. July, p. 12.
Prepare for active shooter situations with drills and exercises. Nov., p. 17.
When nurses and law enforcement collide. Dec., p. 1.
Workplace violence prevention: OSHA looks to states for input, potential models. June, p. 1.

Infection control

Assess Legionella risk, effectiveness of water management as feds renew focus. Dec., p. 12.
Bouffant vs. skull caps: Debate over headwear rages on. Oct., p. 4.
CDC: Hand hygiene helps stop infections. Feb./March, p. 5.
CDC launches campaign to catch sepsis early. Dec., p. 4.
Experts tell you how to get them to wash their hands and maintain better hygiene. Feb./March, p. 6.
Focus on hand hygiene when using stethoscopes. Nov., p. 6.
Look for even more focus on water management to prevent Legionella infection. Dec., p. 11.
Q&A: CDC town hall addresses preventing Legionella contamination. Nov., p. 13.
Studies: Sinks and floors are a much bigger infection risk than once thought. June, p. 10.

Joint Commission/regulatory agencies
AOs have improved validation survey results, but CMS wants more. Nov., p. 11.
CMS focuses on LSC with increased scrutiny of AOs. Nov., p. 9.
Joint Commission focuses on suicide prevention rules during surveys. May, p. 1.
Joint Commission: Leadership key in push for culture of safety. May, p. 9.
Legal questions delay implementation of electronic report of injury data. Sept., p. 4.
Maintain blanket warmers and educate staff on policies to avoid RFIs. Sept. p. 5.
Proposed changes will align EM standards with new CoPs. Dec., p. 8.
Q&A: The experts explain GHS compliance. Feb./March, p. 9.
Revisions to Joint Commission's EC and LS chapters coming in early 2018. June, p. 12.
Use this quiz to test knowledge on new emergency prep CoPs. Dec., p. 10.

2016 BHS Index. Jan., p. 14.
Keeping service animals out of healthcare settings is rarely legal. Aug., p. 7.
Service animals: An ADA Q&A. Aug., p. 10.


12 ways to deal with unwanted patient/visitor recordings. Oct., p. 14.
Beware of hacker attacks. July, p. 14.
Fake doc roams Boston hospital. April, p. 1.
Hospitals sport new designs built for security. June, p. 14.
Include arson as part of your facility's annual HVA documentation and education. Aug., p. 14.
Multifaceted, multilayered approach is critical to mass notification systems. Feb./March, p. 25.
Patient and visitor recordings can pose legal headaches for hospitals. Oct., p. 13.
Use WiFi to prevent infant abductions. Jan., p. 8.
VA hospitals see spike in opioid thefts. May, p. 13.
Workplace violence law ushers in new era of enforcement in California. Jan., p. 16.

Weather events/natural disasters
Consider these lessons learned in North Carolina as you plan for the next storm. Sept., p. 18.
Emergency planning: Preparing for a winter storm. Jan., p. 1.
Emergency planning: Tornadoes and hurricanes. April, p. 4.
Five emergency preparedness tips hospitals can learn from previous disasters. Feb./March, p. 20.
Hospitals learn crisis response lessons after disasters strike unexpectedly. July, p. 1.
North Carolina hospital dealt with surge in storm refugees after hurricane. Sept., p. 15.
Reconstructed New Orleans hospital prepared for the worst. Feb./March, p. 23.
Winter storm exercise: Initial scenario. Jan., p. 5.

Worker safety/training

Ensuring the proper use of PPE in healthcare. Jan., p. 10.
OSHA: Workplace injuries and illnesses come at a high cost to hospitals. May, p. 8.
Use updated CDC toolkit to improve staff training and management of vaccines. Oct., p. 10.

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