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Safety tip: Transition to a tobacco-free campus


February 2, 2012

Before you can successfully transition from a tobacco-free facility to a tobacco-free campus, there are a few simple steps that make for a seamless transition.

First, healthcare facilities should create a committee devoted to tobacco cessation and the adoption of a campuswide policy. Melva Okun, DrPH, the senior program manager at NC Prevention Partners in Chapel Hill, has helped transition her campus. NC Prevention Partners recently concluded a program funded by The Duke Endowment in which every hospital in North Carolina was tobacco-free campuswide by the middle of 2009.

Okun advises that the following employees should beincluded on the committee:

  • At least one member of corporate leadership (CEO, chief operating officer, etc.)
  • The vice president of HR
  • A benefits person from the HR department
  • The security or safety director
  • Marketing or communications staff, to develop a plan for PR
  • A staff administrator to take notes and organize meetings
  • Physicians and nurses
  • Pharmacy staff, who may be involved in acquiring cessation medications

For more tips, visit the Hospital Safety Center.

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