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Sample fire barrier work permit


Judging by the frequent citations under Joint Commission life safety standard LS.02.01.10, unprotected penetrations in fire-rated walls and floors are troublesome day-to-day challenges for many hospital safety professionals.

LS.02.01.10 requires facilities to design and maintain building features such that they minimize the effects of smoke, heat, and toxic gases, and refers to related Life Safety Code requirements.
The irony is that while hospital safety officers and facility directors will take the heat for unsealed penetrations, it is likely someone from the information technology department or an outside contractor who creates the deficiencies because they are ignorant or aloof to the dangers.
One suggestion The Joint Commission makes is to establish a barrier management program. Such programs typically involve the facilities department issuing a signed permit before anyone does any work involving a barrier. Payment for services is withheld if any penetrations aren’t sealed properly.
Take a look at our sample barrier permit by clicking “Download this document” above.

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