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Medical Environment Update: 2019 Archive
[Previous Year - 2018] [Current Issue]

Worker wellness: Summer 101 in the clinic
Illinois passes workplace violence law
The cost of living dangerously
Sentinel event statistics for 2018
May 2019 - View Full Issue
OSHA rule will help protect sensitive employee information
Food and drink in the clinic: Where can staff have lunch?
Review your medical evaluation of staffers who will wear respirators
The safety reaction
19E Updates: May updates cover ergonomics
April 2019 - View Full Issue
OSHA data shows decrease in healthcare worker injuries
How to create a culture of safety in your clinic
Check your states for deadlines on the new hazardous waste pharmaceuticals rule
Accidents happen: Now what?
March 2019 - View Full Issue
Training tips: Safe sharps and needlestick prevention
Tune up your clinic security and safety for spring
Tune up your clinic security and safety for spring
Look to "Blueprint" to understand new EPA requirements on hazardous drug waste
An emergency plan for your life
February 2019 - View Full Issue
Ergonomics 101: A primer in safe clinic practices
EPA announces final rule to set new standards on hazardous waste pharmaceuticals
Get the alcohol out: Your stethoscopes are dirtier than you think they are
Doing what we've always done
January 2019 - View Full Issue
Focus on these four areas of improvement to avoid common safety errors
A month-by-month training guide for 2019
Planning a freestanding ER? ASHE suggests focusing on life safety issues
Wasteful questions
MEU 2018 index
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