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Hospital Safety Center: 2019 Archive
[Previous Year - 2018] [Current Issue]

Review requirements for respirator fit testing to ensure OSHA, CMS compliance
OSHA rule will help protect sensitive employee information
The pros and cons of having healthcare facilities in shopping malls
Most-cited standards in 2018 show you need to check your sprinkler heads
May 2019 - View Full Issue
Revisions to immediate jeopardy process spotlights accountability of facility
HVAC monitoring systems help engineers contain infectious diseases, save money
How to create a culture of safety in your clinic
CMS revisions reflect infectious disease danger and emergency standby power systems
April 2019 - View Full Issue
Check your states for deadlines on the new hazardous waste pharmaceuticals rule
Plane crash readiness: Creating an emergency preparedness partnership
Tune up your clinic security and safety for spring
Know your hospital's electrical backup plan
March 2019 - View Full Issue
Air pressures, cleaning, and maintenance critical to sterile compounding areas
Study finds stethoscopes are dirtier than you think they are
A primer on construction readiness and compliance in your facility
Review the little things to help your life safety and emergency preparation readiness game
February 2019 - View Full Issue
EPA announces final rule to set new standards on hazardous waste pharmaceuticals
How to design your units to keep alert for ligature and suicide risks
Planning a freestanding ER? ASHE suggests focusing on life safety issues
January 2019 - View Full Issue
A fire safety primer for your facility
Wildfires: Review community communications, train for quick evacuations
Wildfires: Use TRAIN matrix to triage patients in mass evacuation
OSHA says employers must protect temp workers from noise and respirator hazards
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